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UEFA EURO 2012 |
2012 UEFA European Football Championship

Monster Inspiration Headbands – individually painted for the 20 most famous football stars in Europe

Monster Inspiration headphones are pure High-End-Audio and they become a completely personalized accessory together with the headband exclusively painted by Susi Montoro. This is how 100 special edition bands were designed together with rodan Leder Design for the 20 most famous football players, for example: Christiano Ronaldo, F.Ribéry, A.Iniesta, G.Piqué, Xavi, J.Boateng, M.Özil, A.Robben, M.Balotelli, W.Roonem, K.Benzema, R.Lewandowski, J.“Kuba“B. …

Also, the German national team got personalized headphone sets, which were handed over during the European Football Championship held in Poland and Ukraine in 2012.

Here, Mesut Özil, Jérôme Boateng and Mario Götze are enjoying their new audio sets.

Mesut Özil

Jérôme Boateng
Mario Götze

2012-2013 UEFA Champions League 

Monster Inspiration Headbands – exclusively painted for FC Bayern München

FC Bayern München has fulfilled its dream of winning the UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley Stadium! In London, the special headphone bands were again handed over personally to the professional footballers. This time the individually painted Monster-Headbands were crafted for A.Robben, F.Ribéry, J.Boateng, Dante, D.Alaba, Rafhinha and the Ukrainian national footballer A.Tymoschtschuk.

Monster Inspiration Headbands – for Peek & Cloppenburg 2013

WBO World Championship 2012 | Arthur Abraham

A happy winner!

Arthur Abraham is presenting his boxing shoes and his showcase boxing gloves
spray-painted with the airbrush technique of Susi Montoro.

On occasion of the WBO World Championship fight in the Super Middleweight class in Berlin on the 25th of August 2012 the new boxing shoes and showcase boxing gloves were designed for Arthur Abraham; again individualised with the airbrush technique of S.Montoro. On the 15th of December 2012 the professional boxer fought again with his lucky boxing shoes in Nuremberg. Another win through technical k.o. in round eight, and thus still World Champion in the Super-Middleweight class (WBO Champion).

Arthur Abraham, 2012

WBO European Title Fight 2012 | Arthur Abraham 

The Airbrush-Artist already spray-painted the lucky charms for King Arthur in spring 2012 on occasion of the WBO fight for the Super Middleweight Champion of Europe in Kiel on the 31st of March 2012.

Douglas Costa | 2016

Child portrait | Dot technique and unique painting style on canvas by Susi Montoro

For his birthday, the Brazilian football player was given a canvas. He happily comments on his child portrait with “Mini Douglinhas”.

Douglas Costa, 2016

Andrej Mesin | 1999 and 2003

Ice hockey helmets for the Russian goalkeeper

The Belarusian ice hockey goalkeeper was on the ice for the Berlin Capitals in 1999-2002. S. Montoro sprayed his first goalkeeper’s mask with a grizzly bear exclusively for him. When Andrej Mesin resumed his career in Russia, in 2003, he had to get a new mask. This time in a yeti design in blue shades.

Petri Vehanen | 2019

Buddy Bear for the former Finnish ice hockey goalkeeper

A Buddy Bear with the same team jersey was created in his memory for the former Finnish ice hockey goalkeeper, who was under contract with the Eisbären Berlin in the German league during his playing career, among others.