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Now even Hollywood is taking note of the Swiss woman with Spanish roots. In 2005, she was able to demonstrate her artistry in the Warner Bros. Production “V for Vendetta”. In the Wachowski sisters’ award-winning follow-up to the Matrix, she created the distinctive porcelain mask of leading actor Hugo Weaving. 2008, her special paint applications were on show in the Hollywood movie “Speed Racer”.

©2005 Warner Bros.Ent. All Rights Reserved

Probably the greatest success of her career was spraying the original “V” mask for the Hollywood film “V for Vendetta”

With the mask for the movie “V for Vendetta”, an icon of the 21st century was created in Potsdam-Babelsberg!

In 2005, she was able to demonstrate her artistry in the WARNER BROS. PRODUCTION “V for Vendetta” and was commissioned exclusively for the mask painting. For the leading actor “V” (Hugo Weaving), the Airbrush-Artist Susi Montoro designed 50 “V” masks (hero masks) at Babelsberg Film Studios in Potsdam/Germany. With her special paint jobs (airbrush technique), she gave the Guy Fawkes mask its final appearance. The distinctive “porcelain mask” has become a symbol of today’s world and has now achieved cult status.

Both for close-ups and for stunts, a total of 50 completely identical “V” masks had to be painted and varnished by hand so that the viewer wouldn’t notice any difference between them on the big screen.

Original Film-Plakat, 2005

Original film poster, 2005

Susi Montoro, spraying the “V” masks (crowd masks), London, 2005

For the crowd scene at the end of the film, 460 “V” masks (crowd masks) were created under her direction as a supervisor. Helping Hands helped her with the painting of the mass production in the London production halls.

“Hero masks” are masks for the main actor “V”, made from glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP), in high quality.

“Crowd masks” are masks for extras for the finale of the film, made from vacuum-deep-drawn plastic – all painted by hand!

Original photo, hero masks, 2005

Metro station covered in “V pour Vendetta” posters, Paris, 2006

Metro station covered in “V pour Vendetta” posters, Paris, 2006

Original Film-Plakat, 2005

Original film poster, 2008

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In the summer of 2007, Susi Montoro worked for the Wachowski sisters (the creators of the Matrix trilogy) for the second time and once again impressed with her typical filigree and super exact style.
S.Montoro sprayed several completely identical racing driver helmets for the main character “Speed” (Emile Hirsch).

In addition, many of the costume department’s designs were implemented using her airbrush art, and so countless racing driver helmets were created for various supporting actors. MONT.ORO also created specially colour-coordinated helmets for the marketing concept of the companies PUMA and Autobacs.


left: “Speed”
right: “Young Speed”


Here you can see some examples from the incredibly large selection.



Prince Kabala

Yen Che

Denise Mobile


Bumbel Bee


Grape Cake



Aquarium / Props

For the key scene “Aquarium” Susi Montoro designed 17 identical fish (piranhas) in a photorealistic look. She applied a special technique to paint the corals, which were to be submerged under water the same day. It was important that the colours did not dissolve despite the available drying time was extremely short.

Susi Montoro painting coral underwater props, 2007

The Three Musketeers in 3D | CONSTANTIN FILM
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S. Montoro imitated the wooden planking for the model ship “Buckingham’s Airship” photo-realistically with the airbrush technique. The model ship was constructed on a scale of 1:41 for full screenshots. The real part of the ship (just the bow), on which the actors were able to play the scenes, was the proper template for the airbrush-painting of the miniature ship. The different shades of colors and the wooden planking had to be captured accurately according to the template of the real ship, because only this way the audience later experiences a perfect illusion of a real flying ship in the cinema.

Buckingham’s airship

Susi Montoro carrying out the white priming and painting the model ship “Buckingham’s airship”, 2010

Original Film-Plakat, 2005

Here you can view the commercial

McDonald’s – Burger Clash
BAKERY FILMS Filmproduktion GmbH
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McDonald`s Burger Battle 2015 | Advertisement

Susi Montoro`s cooperation with the inflatable burgers: airbush tuning + interior installations of beef and fish burgers, as well as set support during the commercial shoot!

MTV & KIA – Soul Club Tour | MTV Networks Germany GmbH
KIA – Commercial | ©MTV Networks. All Rights Reserved.

Promotional film | 2009

MTV hired MONT.ORO for the commercial spot “MTV & KIA-Soul Club Tour”. Four models were styled with various body paintings, with subsequent hairstyle and make-up by Make-up Artist J.P.
Photos and direction: Robert Michael Brodmüller
→ MTV & KIA – Soul Club Tour Trailer

zibb Sommergarten | 2016

In Potsdam-Babelsberg, the “zibb” presenters will present exciting guests, practical tips, sustainable service and live music in the open air.

zibb Summer Garden | guest of honor: Susanne Montoro presents some of her works of art and paints a canvas live. Moderator Harald Pignatelli interviews the artist in 2 stages during the broadcast on 18/07/2016 and gives insights into the versatility of her work spectrum.

Here you can view the Zibb press text

press release | zibb

Big election party at Berlin kocht | 13.09.2013

Political bodypainting by Susi Montoro. The theme of the cooking show kocht is the hot phase of the campaign for the election of the German parliament (Bundestag) in 2013. Nora Schmidt hosts the 30-minute video clip and starting from minute 14, you can experience how the different logos of the political parties are sprayed onto the upper arms of the models.

In minute 20, collective culinary celebrating begins. Thanks to !

to tv.Berlin online – Youtube

photos: agentur | baganz