Leather Painting

The shoes don’t match the dress? No problem! Based on your fabric pattern boots, pumps, high heels or even bags can be dyed or painted. Everything that doesn’t currently match the colors of your outfit can become a match – whether you prefer current seasonal colors or wish for a favorite motif…
hand painted by Susi Montoro!

Color pattern imitations


The following projects were developed together with rodan Leder Design:

Polynesian tattoo | 2015

The following video shows a time-lapse of a jacket being painted using a real Polynesian tattoo as a model.
A sketch is transferred from the upper arm to a transparency and serves as a template for painting on leather.

Videodownload: 178 MB / Length: 00:02:26

GLOBAL ART of Perfumery | 2013

Model: Diana, Angelina

Horst Kordes

Kempinski Hotel Adlon, Berlin, Germany

Exhibition: Berlin Send Peace
13.04.2012 + 14.04.2012

At the age of 17 he met Friedensreich Hundertwasser in a vineyard and became his student. For the exhibition Berlin Send Peace, Susanne Montoro spray-painted the motifs oft he artist Horst Kordes onto various pieces of clothing.

Aztec-style dress | 2016

Lust auf Gut | 2019