Body painting is a form of body styling. Colour is applied directly to the skin. Body painting can last from a few hours to several days but, unlike tattoos, it’s not permanent.

Avatar Bodypainting | CSD Berlin 2013

La Catrina Facepainting | Halloween 2014

Face Painting | Halloween 2012


Carnival of Cultures Berlin 2012

Wedding Airbrush Tattoo | 2010

The decorative paint application of many white leaf tendrils decked the tanned back excellently. Because the bride did not have time for her desired bodypainting on the wedding day, it had to be applied the day before. The ornamentation stayed on overnight and the surprise for the husband worked out excellently.

German Sports Foundation (Deutsche Sporthilfe) | 2011

As part of an event at the Eastern Comfort Hostel on the river Spree in Berlin, Susi Montoro bodypainted approx 50 young elite athletes. The names were applied with special body paints.

Halo4 Release Event Berlin | 2012

New Line Brand Communication GmbH | CineStar, Berlin

Halo4 is a first-person shooter which was released on 6th November 2012 for the Xbox 360. The day before the official sale, there was an exclusive event at CineStar Berlin where everyone could get a one-day tattoo with the game’s logo.

One Day Tattoos | 2014

Performance by the German writer Robert Krokowski.