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Airbrush Montoro [WeekMovie Artikel über V wie Vendetta]
quote from the article in weekMOVIE/"MÖRDERISCHE VISIONEN"

on 17th March 2006, p.25, Basel (Switzerland)
text:: Matthias Affolter

quote from the article in TV-Star nr. 12/ "Kino Filmkritik"
on 18th March 206, p.18, Basel (Switzerland)
photo:PD; text: PP/Christian Jungen
V - Atrikel

quote from article in Kino und Co nr. 62/ "V for Vendetta"
on 1st March 2006, p. 24, Germany
text: kh
V- Artikel 6

[V pour Vendetta]
"V pour Vendetta" l'article de l'Ados Cine No1, mars - avril 2006, page 17, Paris(France)